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When Ink Met Paper

October 16, 2016


For all of you who have been waiting patiently (and graciously listening to me for the last couple of years as I traversed the rough seas of 5 publishers, innumerable modifications to the maquette, countless versions of the cover, and so many different titles that would have turned any schizophrenic crazy), I am beyond elated to announce that the book was finally birthed in Toulouse, on the 7th of October. FADING FURY simply faded away.

There was no scale to weigh the baby upon delivery, but the doctors on hand estimated that it came in around 1 kilogram. The baby has been sent to Spain to get a sturdy spinal chord and a thicker skin (necessary protection from potential harsh critics who may appear on its path). The handsome boy, named ONE LAST GOODBYE, will make a grand entrance in early November.

Many thanks to Mike Derez who tirelessly collaborated throughout the pregnancy, right down to holding the hand of the photographer in the delivery room while the baby stuck its lovely head out into the world.