Making a Photobook to say One Last Goodbye, LensCulture

December 29, 2016 Paris Wrote this article for LensCulture about the long and often tedious and painful journey in publishing my last book. It’s rather lengthy but if you’re interested in photography … Read More


December 24, 2016 New York

Le Figaro

December 8, 2016 Paris Article by Isabelle Stassart at Le Figaro.

When Ink Met Paper

October 16, 2016 Paris For all of you who have been waiting patiently (and graciously listening to me for the last couple of years as I traversed the rough seas of 5 … Read More

Facing the Past, (Re-)Framing the Future, LensCulture interview

July 22, 2016 Paris Interview with Alexander Strecker of LensCulture.

Life Once Had, Invisible Photographer Asia

July 19, 2016 Singapore Interview with Kevin Wy of Invisible Photographer Asia.

L’Oeil de la Photographie

February 25, 2016 Paris Many thanks to Jean-Jacques Naudet and Ericka Weidman of L’Oeil de la Photographie for this article, and my friend Angela Randall for her lovely text.

InFrame Greece

February 19, 2016 Greece

Valentine’s Day – A Love Letter to Fellini

February 14, 2015 Paris It is Valentine’s Day today. Rain is coming down the way it does most of the time in Paris, which is to say at a melancholic pace and … Read More

Robert Delpire, The Incomparable Maestro

January 25, 2015 Paris The last week in November of last year, Cecile Delpire Kambouchner, took me to see her father, Robert Delpire, at his home.  I hadn’t seen Bob (as he … Read More

Mean Streets of New Carrollton

October 20, 2014 Paris   Given that I have been working over the past couple of years on a book of my first body of work as a young man in New … Read More

A Miracle in St. Croix

September 11, 2014 Paris For the maiden voyage of my Blog, it would seem logical that I should write something about the project that I am working on presently – a book … Read More